OUT OF THE BOX  (2011)


According to a recent report released by human rights group Amnesty International, for woman and girls living in Nairobi slums, violence comes in every form and every direction and more than half of them are scarred by physical, sexual or psychological violence. Lorna Kusa Simbi is an eighteen years old teen, born in the Nairobi slum of Korogocho, she learned very soon how to survive in such harsh everyday reality. After she completed the primary school she could not go to secondary school due to lack of school fees. At the age of fifteen Lorna was raped and got pregnant of her beautiful daughter Docas Akoa Kusa, Lorna started training boxing with the intent to defend her dignity and with the dream to become a future champion. Lorna is fighting everyday for a better future life and to achieve her dreams ! 



True Colors Football Club was started in August 1997 in an empty plot beside Juja Road In Mathare Valley Slum (Nairobi) where kids used to play in a 7 mt x 15 mt space next to a hill of garbage ! The hill was so high that it was used as stadium seats during the daily trainings. Then the founder of the Club, former Kenya Premier League player Mr Austin Ajowi, came and saw the interest in football by kids around the area and started teaching them the basic skills of football and this was to keep them busy, improving their skills and talents and also to reduce the high crime rate, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and child labor involvement. He influenced the kids to try and clear the garbage in order to make the pitch a pit bigger. Garbage was cleared everyday and the cleared space protected after training and guarded even at night, to make sure tha no garbage returned.

ACROBATS  (2010)


CHE   is the name of a group of street acrobats formed by guys which have been grown up together in the Good Samaritan Orphanage of Mathare 3 (Nairobi) and started to share passion for acrobatic arts, training everyday and performing in several areas of the town.

DELIRIUM  (2010)


A series of images captured inside the Mathare Valley slum of Nairobi, portraying addicted people outside a "changaa bar" and some kids sniffing glue. Changaa or Chang'aa (literal meaning "kill me quick") is an alcoholic drink very popular in Kenya, distilled from grains like millet, maize and sorghum. Its production and distribution is controlled in many cases by criminal gangs like mungiki. Illegally brewed changaa could be purchased for around 0.15$ per cup .he alcoholic content is sometimes increased by adding substances like jet fuel, embalming fluid or battery acid which have the effect of giving the beverage more "kick". Drinkers have suffered blindness or death due to methanol poisoning.