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Acoustic Privacy (2005)

by INSOUT Music Project


All tracks written, arranged and produced by Claudio Allia and Riccardo Samperi.

Strings on "Coelacanthus" arranged by Riccardo Samperi, transcripted and conducted by Francesco Calì.


Claudio Allia: piano, alto sax

Riccardo Samperi : guitars

Paul Wertico: drums

Alberto Amato: upright bass

Strings on "Coelacanthus":

Giovanni Cucuccio: violin

Marco Giuffrida: violin

Maurizio Longo: viola

Alessandro Longo: cello

Alberto Amato: bass

Additional Musicians:

Ruggero Rotolo: drum on "Xandracos".

Gabriella Grasso: vocals on "Expensive Mood"